Treatment of Infants and Young Children

Treatment of Infants and Young Children

Children commonly suffer from catarrhal illnesses, throat problems and ear diseases. They consequently contract fever every evening.
Their body temperature may go on steadily rising or abate suddenly. This condition may prove fatal.

The standard routine formulary is as follows:
Aconite + Arnica + Arsenic + Belladonna 200 once or twice a day
Ferrum Phos + Silicea + Kali Mur + Calcarea Fluor + Kali Phos 6X,
four to five times a day.

If no benefit is obtained, then please refer to the appropriate chapter on these remedies to find the appropriate remedy. During the epidemic season, one should study under the chapters on infectious diseases. The child cannot express himself, so it is important for the physician to be extra vigilant in studying the symptoms carefully, to find a suitable remedy promptly.


* Allium Cepa * Ipecac * Alumina * Natrum Muriaticum * Bryonia * Nux Vomica * Calcarea Phos * Podophyllum * Chamomilla * Veratrum Album * Colocynthis

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