Teething Problems in Babies


Teething is the process by which a baby’s teeth erupt, or break through, the gums. Teething generally occurs between 6 to 24 months of age. Symptoms of teething include irritability, tender and swollen gums, and the infant wanting to place objects or fingers into the mouth in an attempt to reduce discomfort.
Teething becomes more intense at night, pediatricians confirm, because children feel the symptoms of pain and discomfort most acutely when they have fewer distractions, and are exhausted. It’s the same reason adults feel more chronic pain at night.
A recent addition to these medicines is bio combination (BC) medicines which are widely used to improve overall health. Moreover, these tablets are considered safe for everyone including children and old people.
Homeopathic remedies are safe for babies and children to take, are not ‘drugs’, and can be used alongside conventional medication (complementary) or as an alternative option. Babies often respond very quickly to homeopathic treatment and these are easy to administer as drops.
Teething troubles are invariably met vexing problem in the children when they cut for teething. It initiates a source of infection of varying nature resulting in pain, irritation, fever, gastro-intestinal derangements more in form of colic and diarrhoea. Child is unable to explain the experience, becomes irritable, crying obstinate and naughty. Bioplasgen 21 tablets are effective homeopathic medicine for teething babies. It is trustably used by for babies during the teething process. It helps children vexing by supplying all the necessary salts needed to make the cutting of teeth quick, easy and pain free. It also improves appetite and promotes digestion.
Calcarea phosphorica: Perhaps one of the most important tissue remedies, it is especially indicated in tardy dentition and troubles incident to the period of dentition like indigestion, diarrhoea green, shiny and sputtering. It is very well suited to peevish, irritable, easily vexed children. It covers colicky pain & abdominal flatulence.

Ferrum phosphoricum: It is similar to Aconite, Belladonna & Gelsemium and covers inflammatory conditions with or without fever, cough, cold, catarrh, pain, vomiting, restlessness, sleeplessness and anaemia. It covers watery stools and first stage of dysentery. Combined with Calcarea phosphorica the spectrum offers safe coverage of all the problem faced during teething.

The hog wild OTC sale of the tablets Bio-21, also marketed as teething-21, in Pakistan is an age-old issue that has never been highlighted with due significance. The active ingredients of Bio-21 include Calcarea Phosphorus (CalC Phos.) and Ferrous Phosphorium.
Traditionally used as supportive treatment in teething problems. Children cry are obstinate and naughty during the teething period. These tablets allow infants to cut their teeth quickly and easily by supplying them with important salts. Improves appetite and promotes digestion.
Possible Causes of Delayed Tooth Eruption. Babies who were born premature or had a low birth weight can get their teeth late and may also have enamel defects. Some genetic conditions, such as amylogenesis imperfect and regional odontodysplasia, can cause teeth to erupt late and be poorly formed.

One of the major remedy for relieving in infants teething and associated issues like:
* Difficult and late teething
* Fever due to teething
* Loose motion due to teething
* Loss of appetite due to teething problem
* Infants growth problem
* Weak bones

Some Famous Medicines helpful for Teething problems are given below:

01- BIO 21 Syrup by Warsan
02- Teething 21 Syrup by Paul Brooks
03- BIO 21 Tablets by Warsan
04- Bioplasgen No.21 Tablets by Willmar Schwabe
05- KL 21 ABC Spray by Kamal Laboratories

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