Diseases of Tonsils and Neck Glands

Tonsils and Neck Glands

As soon as tonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils) starts, one should give Aconite 1000, Belladonna 1000 and Arnica 1000 together, to show immediate relief. Day-to-day throat problems should be treated with Silicea 6X, Ferrum Phos 6X, Calcarea Fluor 6X and Kali Mur 6X. In the case of fever, the treatment should be repeated after half an hour.

Some details on problems related to tonsils have been discussed under the heading of Cold, Catarrh and Fever. One should read these carefully. If there is a fever, a bad smell from the breath and swelling of the throat causing difficulty in swallowing, then Baptisia alone may suffice. Formation of pus in the tonsils along with the swelling of the uvula must be treated with Kali Bichrome.

For the tonsils that have become badly swollen and hard, are spotted with pus here and there, with dryness of the throat and severe burning sensation; with pain radiating to ears on swallowing, then Phytolacca is very important.
Baryta Carb is very useful in the treatment of current or old infections of the tonsils, in which the tonsils remain enlarged and hardened from
the previous illness.
For an extremely offensive smell coming from the mouth, study the Mercury compounds to find suitable remedy.
For the seriously dangerous conditions of the throat, remember Tarentula Hispania in view of its physical and psychological effects. It should be studied carefully.
Use Nitric Acid for the treatment of severe pain in the throat and for jagged mouth ulcers associated with offensive saliva. Bromium has previously been described as a treatment of catarrhal inflammations. It should be reviewed carefully regarding treatment of tonsils also.

Severe inflammation of the throat, the feeling of something being stuck, fever, and a pungent body smell are indicative of Hepar Sulph.
Syphilinum 200 or 1000 is very beneficial in every kind of throat infection when used at the beginning of the symptoms. The following may also be of use:

  • Phytolacca + Baptisia + Kali Mur + Calcarea Fluor + Silicea
    30 in combination, given three times a day. If the throat is very painful, then Silicea may be substituted by Hepar Sulph.
  • Phylotacca + Baptisia + Hepar Sulph + Carbo Veg 30
    combined, three times a day.

Chronically inflamed tonsils resistant to everything else should be treated with Influenzium 200 + Bacillinum 200 + Diphtherinum 200 and Oscillo Coccinum 200, all four combined to be given once, or at the most twice a day, for three consecutive days during the severity of the illness.


  • Alumen
  • Lac Caninum
  • Baryta Carb
  • Lachesis
  • Calcarea Carbonica
  • Lycopodium
  • Guaiacum