Acetic Acidum
Acetic acid - Vinegar

(Vinegar- an acidic solution)

Acetic acid is considered useful in (the treatment of) cancer of the stomach. The Acetic acid patient suffers from a severe cutting type of pain in the stomach, associated with intense thirst, nausea and burning in the stomach. Generally, burning and swelling of the body is common to all acids.
If the patient becomes gravely ill after surgery and feels very weak, the administration of Acetic acid may be very helpful in restoring his condition. In such cases, Strontium Carb and Carbo Veg are also very useful. It is stated that the Acetic acid 1X applied on the stomach can dissolve the cancerous mass of the stomach. Acetic acid 1X has the capability of softening the tumour and converting it into pus. Dr. Owens is of the opinion that in epithelial cancers, Acetic acid should be administered internally as well as externally. Typically, severe burning in the stomach and the chest, followed by cold sweats on the forehead, are salient features of Acetic acid.

The Acetic acid patient suffers from debilitating diarrhoea. Acetic acid is considered useful in diabetes also. If there is marked weakness associated with frequent fainting fits due to lack of blood (anaemia) and there is difficulty in breathing, Acetic acid will be found very effective to relieve these symptoms. Specifically, in Acetic acid, the patient sweats during high fever, red spots appear on the left cheek, but there is no thirst.
Another special characteristic of the Acetic acid is backache which gets better only by lying on the stomach (prone position).

Potency: 3 to 30, should not be repeated too frequently.